This is really not music, but the sound of science.

This is the real deal, when we talk about "music" for hypnosis.

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It is special designed sounds to unfold the unconscious and relax the body.

It sounds like music, but is really not.

Regular music will initiate emotional states in our minds and body, 

which will effect any good trance and alter the outcome.

HypnoPower Loops will synchronize body functions, lower the heart rate and breath. 

It will activate theta brain waves and initiate a good deep trance fast and powerful.

20 - 25 layers of sounds.

Special trance inducing sounds .

Brain frequency adjusted sounds for deepening.

Physiologically adjusted sounds for relaxation.

Trance maintaining loops.

Release of stress & mind clearing.

Hypno Power Loop's really does the job 

Award winning hypnosis instructor Martin Castor Peterson created

the Hypno Power Loops for hypnotherapy & trance induction.

He discovered that they had an amazing influence on the client, and many clients wanted to buy the music because they feel extremely calm listening to it.

Martin Castor Peterson is the head teacher of The Hypno Academy

and he teaches hypnosis worldwide with his powerful techniques.

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